Everything and the kitchen sink

The knives were out in last night’s kitchen renovation episode, kicking off with Simon telling viewers “if you want drama, you’ve come to the right place”. Jay was “grumpy as anything” and throwing bales of Pink Batts around from the get-go, but quickly calmed down to tell everyone about the “massive awesome amazing bench space” the Black Team was planning for their kitchen. Sounds rad. Also, an island bench for Amanda to dance on in her stilettos… Sounds less rad.

With the Black Team short on volunteers due to sickness, Zach the builder was full of praise for Jay who seems to be coming more alive as the show goes on, a pity it seems to be an inverse relationship with Amanda’s helpfulness in the DIY area.The competitive nature of the show came out when the Orange Team was short of wood for framing, and the Black Team had wood to spare, but Zach cut it up and threw the short ends over the fence to Baby Sam, the Orange builder.The nature of the show means teams need to strike an awkward balance – you want to beat the other team, but you also have to be prepared to be neighbours at the end of it all.

Simon’s take on the incident was to congratulate himself on his “I just like to sit on the fence” joke. Amanda’s take on the DIY challenge was to profess “I just really love filling holes, I’m really really good at it” – not sure if she had watched the instructional video on which equipment to use, because the girls had a disaster. Their attempt at fixing holes in a wall with a combination of jigsaw puzzling bits of GIB together and topping the whole thing off with a pavlova-looking amount of plaster had Stan the DIY man shaking his head.

As it would have taken a “month of Sundays” for the plaster to dry, Marty and Sarah won the challenge, with Sarah claiming she had actually done a better job than her husband.No hugs in store for Jay and Amanda, Zach was only doling them out if they won the challenge – he must have some sort of prophetic powers that meant he knew he was on safe ground with that promise.

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