How your kitchen is making you fat

Never underestimate the power of a tidy kitchen. If yours is a chaotic jumble of bills and books, it’s a stressful place to be, so get tidying.Peter Walsh, author of Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? (Free Press), says a messy kitchen can also equal poor food choices: “If your son’s football kit takes up your kitchen work surface, then you won’t be chopping vegetables on it.”Psychologist Meredith Fuller agrees: “If you have to clean up before you prepare a meal, you’re far more likely to opt for takeaway.”

From cake pop- and pie-makers to waffle irons and pizza ovens, the range of cute food appliances on the market is enough to make you drool. But while they may look fantastic on the kitchen bench, Everything and the kitchen sink , these gadgets could be sabotaging your plans for healthy eating.There are appliances that are more worthy of your cash and better for your waistband, b+s nutritionist Lisa Guy says. “If you’re trying to maintain a healthier diet, then don’t purchase ones that encourage you to cook unhealthy meals.” Instead, she suggests spending your money on a good-quality food processor and a juicer so you can make yourself nutritious vegie juices.

The kitchen is the hub of the home, and it’s usually lit accordingly with an array of spotlights, pendants, downlights, chandeliers, lamps and built-in cabinet illumination. But while multi-layered lighting adds warmth and character to the kitchen, too much can tempt your tastebuds.A study by Cornell University Food and Brand Lab revealed that with subtle lighting and some soft music playing, you’re likely to eat about 18 per cent less.So aim for ambient. Turn down the lights, tune into the stereo and you may help trim your tummy.Photos of chocolate cakes or salty chips can trigger the centre in your brain that’s associated with appetite control and reward, according to findings by the University of Southern California. The study, which involved participants looking at photos of high-calorie foods, found that simply viewing images of sweets or fattening foods made them yearn for the real thing.

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